Setting up a gallery (part 1)...

I started a gallery, and in fact also an inworld studio if needed (in a skybox).

My Gallery

Anyway it is just as an act of presence, nothing else.

BTW, the building I used is just bought on Marketplace,

for 50 L$, and modded it a bit in layout of the furniture, as also added my own.

But while I was doing this I was wondering, do I really need to upload all the pictures I want to display and spend L$ on it.

And then I sorted out a very simple solution:

I am using to display my pictures a set of frames I bought on Marketplace,

for 1 L$ because it included my usual format of 4:3 and 3:4.

And afterwards I went a bit tampering with it, and came up with a very simple idea.

Instead of uploading each picture, and put it on the face to display it on the frame, why not use the media possibilities of SecondLife.

As my pictures are stored on Google Photos, I can easily get an URL of these as they are.

So I started to configure the face to display the picture as follows:

I selected the face I wanted to configure, but instead of assigning a texture from my inventory to it, I use the button at the bottom Choose...;

On Google Photos, I opened the photo I wanted to display,
and then selected in the right-click menu to copy the image address;

Back in my SL Viewer, I pasted this as home page, and left all the settings on that tab as they were;

I just switched to the next tab, and unchecked all checkboxes, as I don't want any interaction, and set the controller on Mini;

Once that applied, on the texture tab of the face, as I am using a 4:3 frame and picture, I modified the Vertical scale factor from 1.000 to 0.750;

And this is the final result:

One advantage of this, as some of my pictures can be NSFW, is that someone visiting the gallery needs to click the picture to see it.

But then I wanted to give the visitor an easy to identify who was who on the picture he wanted to look at.


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